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Some cars are destined to follow established roads, while others forge new paths.
Since our foundation in 1963, our one-off models have been meticulously crafted to showcase innovative technical and stylistic directions. This journey began with the groundbreaking 350 GTV, a limited series Super Sports Car designed to evoke unparalleled emotions.

These unique cars have not only served as sources of inspiration but continue to shape the essence of our car lineup, exemplified by the remarkable Asterion LPI-910. It stood as Lamborghini’s inaugural hybrid proposal, incorporating a range of technical concepts that would later find application in the recently unveiled Revuelto.

Our unique creations have also ignited inspiration within the world of Lamborghini Squadra Corse. A prominent example is the SC20, an open one-off rooted in the Aventador heritage, that embodies the same fundamental ethos as its predecessor, the SC18 Alston. While road-homologated, its core design purpose revolves around track dominance.

This extraordinary tradition will persevere in the forthcoming weeks, as we prepare to unveil the first prototype of the fourth series production during the Monterey Car Week in California. Be sure not to miss out on this exciting event.

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