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BUGATTI Sur Mesure: The CHIRON Super Sport ‘Golden Era’

The CHIRON Super Sport ‘Golden Era’ is a timeless and incomparable homage to the era-defining moments in BUGATTI’s history. It is the very embodiment of the BUGATTI Sur Mesure program – in which customers’ ambitious visions are brought to life in a collaborative process with the BUGATTI design team. In the case of the ‘Golden Era’, the unbridled passion for the brand – spanning over a century of era-defining moments – helped shape the customer’s vision for his masterpiece. Not only did the customer choose a CHIRON Super Sport to celebrate BUGATTI’s legendary W16 power train, an engine unlike anything else in the world, he wanted to pay homage to such a beacon of brilliant engineering to craft an aesthetic form that brings to life a story weaving through time, legend and distinction. And so within two years, the CHIRON Super Sport ‘Golden Era’ has been created; a unique piece of art that beautifully captures the incomparable legacy of BUGATTI via 45 intricate sketches of the brand’s timeless icons, all hand-drawn directly onto the body. The sketching process took more than 400 hours to complete, a testament to the complexity of the artwork featuring entirely new techniques and processes that elevate the car from the world of automotive and into pure artistry. A bespoke color, a celebratory shade of gold named ‘Doré’, was formed and applied with a gradient color split into a special metallic variant of ‘Nocturne Black’.

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